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  • Bank Safety and Soundness

    December, 2012

    To Customers and Friends of First National Bank: 

    First National Bank of St. Louis has been in business for over 110 years and since the beginning we have always been conservatively managed.  We have not participated in any exotic financing or sub-prime loans. Instead we have always stuck to the business of making loans and attracting deposits in our community.  This is to let you know that we continue today with this same commitment and conservative approach, and it will be business as usual for First National Bank. 

    Any bank can say they are strong.  The FDIC publishes bank data quarterly which provides the proof.  Anyone can access the information at http://www.fdic.gov/icon-External-Linkand I encourage you to do so. 

    You will find that First National Bank continues to be strong.  Our earnings for the twelve months ending 12/31/12 are $18,196,000.  This is a 1.72% increase over 2011 earnings of $17,887,000.  Our capital level was at $163,386,000 as of 12/31/12.  This is approximately twice the required level.  Our holding company, Central Bancompany, has over $1 billion in capital with $200 million in excess funds on hand at year end.

    In addition to our financial strength, we offer the normal FDIC coverage.  The FDIC now covers up to a minimum of $250,000 in deposits.  We also participate in a program that allows us to issue FDIC coverage up to $50,000,000 to one customer  through CDARS and up to $75 million through Insured Cash Sweep (ICS). 

    The majority of banks today are sound and safe places to put your money.  As we continue to move forward you can continue to be confident that your money is safe at First National Bank of St. Louis. 


    Richard J. Bagy, Jr.
    First National Bank of St. Louis


    Return on Assets
    Twelve months ending 12/31/12 1.26%
    Peer Group .96%

    Return on Assets = Earnings divided by Total Assets. This means First National has earned significantly more than what our peers have earned.

    Total Loan Loss Reserve to Total Loans
    Twelve months ending 12/31/12 2.04%
    Peer Group 1.80%

    This measure tells us that First National Bank has reserved just over 2% for potential loan problems.

    Loan Losses to Average Loans
    Twelve Months Ending 12/31/12  .67%
    Peer Group .58%

    This ratio tells us that .067% of loans at FNB were charged off, while our peers experienced charge-offs of 0.58%. This is a significant reduction from the same period last year.

    Non Current Loans to Total Loans
    Twelve months ending 12/31/12 2.17%
    Peer Group 2.02%

    This ratio tells us that 2.17% of our loans are past due, which is comparable to the peer group ratio of 2.02%.

    Source: FDIC